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martes, 17 de noviembre de 2009

Followers Zelaya call fight for constituent

TEGUCIGALPA (AP). Proponents of the ousted President Manuel Zelaya said that they remain mobilizations in favour of a constituent and the abstention at the elections of November 29, then its leader abandon be restored by any agreement with the Government de facto.

Clarified that they require Zelaya return to power, but without conditions. "The fight continues after the elections and is by the constituent, because there are going to leave embodied what we want." "And we if exile convene a constituent, now reject because it is not the people, it is theirs", said in a press release from the national front of resistance against the coup d ' état, John Barahona leader.

The front, consisting of magisteriales organizations, peasants, workers and policies including raced from 28 June almost daily street demonstrations demanding Zelaya return to power.

"We want one (constituent) born of the people and we will only achieve with resistance, that is why, to prepare for a prolonged struggle because the constituent comes and no one stops," said Barahona.

Zelaya gestaba from the Presidency a constitutional reform and was out of power by the military as he was organizing a referendum on reform intentions.

"The fight is now to take away the power to the oligarchy and give to its true owner: the people, because we can not continue exploiting", said the release.

Supporters protests fell intensity in recent weeks and are concentrated in the land of the Congress. That body of the State will have to decide on the restitution of Zelaya, according to what has been agreed in the Tegucigalpa-San Jose agreement signed on 30 October between the ruling de facto Roberto Micheletti and the deposed representative.

But Zelaya reiterated the previous day that he, the agreement is no longer valid and not provided to legitimize the coup Government drawing elections. "I do not want my vote to serve to clean the face of exile," said.

Hundreds of demonstrators peacefully brought together in the land of the Congress. Some had written the word "No" in the Palm of your hands and lifting it chanted "no to elections!".

On the other hand, election officials and Government de facto viewed on election a way out of the political crisis submerged this country since Zelaya was overthrown and advance firmly the electoral process.

President de facto Roberto Micheletti urged Monday Hondurans to go to the polls. "Go to vote, don't be afraid." "There are guarantees for the security of elections," said. As he met the Catholic priest John Andres Tamayo, who remained with Zelaya in Brazil, Embassy left Monday the sandbox.

Before leaving the Embassy religious said that "i satisfied with what I did..." "I satisfied because I had my pastor role" with the Honduran people. With its output, some 16 people, including two journalists from the AP, 350 who came on September 21 when Zelaya returned to Tegucigalpa and asiló there are diplomatic headquarters. The religious reasons to leave the place were not confirmed.

Tamayo, a declared supporter of Zelaya, originates in El Salvador but takes living two decades in Honduras, where worked with marginalized and in defence of the environment in the province East of Olancho.

The cure was taken from the place by the Salvadoran Consul Nelson Rodriguez, who announced Wednesday will send it to your country. Tamayo was stripped of Honduran nationality by Government de facto under the charge of boycott the elections.

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