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viernes, 23 de octubre de 2009



Asunto: M. A. - Who is Micheletti, President coup?

E. A. - It is a traditional politician, also belonging to the Liberal Party. Transport is an entrepreneur with many years in Congress, today coup.

M. A. - Who is the opposition, who opposed the coup?

E. R. - On June 28, the day the coup was to perform a survey which asked the public whether or not it was agreed to be placed in a 4th ballot elections that were scheduled in November 2009, to ask the public if he agreed to prepare the convening of a Constituent Assembly. [1]

This act is not behaved ningu legal obligation for any branch of government. There was only a democratic and participatory exercise that right he was afraid, for that reason gave the coup intended to justify that the survey violated the Constitution.

M. A. - Who gave the coup?

E. R. - Mainly a private enterprise sector, the hierarchy of the Catholic Church and the Evangelical Church, the entire Supreme Court, the Public Ministry, the National Commissioner for Human Rights, Army, National Police and 114 deputies out of 128 that has the parliament.

There are Members of the Liberal Party and one of udeístas the Christian Democrats seconded that the blow, between members and alternates. [2]

M. A. - Why, what need did they have?

E. A. - Because they were not willing to cede power to the Honduran people and to continue to control and rule. To convert the state in his estate for life in which democracy is built only from his vision based on profit, on the accumulation of wealth and power, political control, social and economic development. All this comes before the vision of democracy for the poor to ensure beans, rice, tortillas, health, education, housing, respect for labor rights and higher levels of unionization.

That's why people today aspire to have performed the convocation of a Constituent Assembly that will guarantee the rights outlined above, as it was in a precarious position after negotiating the Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA, or CAFTA, in English)

M. A. - What is now the state of resistance to the coup?

E. R. - 116 On the day after the coup remains a people mobilized and popular uprising that Honduras has made the country ungovernable (for the coup).

The people have been subject to terrible repression over 20 killed, 3,000 arbitrary arrests, 500 injuries and a list of 38 political prisoners.

This fight is eminently peaceful and nonviolent, to counter the provocations to which they want to take the Honduran people that stand today in a majority of 80% across the country and that each passing day, add more to the struggle for three reasons:

1 .- For the restoration of democracy.

2 .- For the return of President Zelaya.

3 .- And for a political settlement that allows the convening of a National Constituent Assembly to refound the State of Honduras and into the service of Hondurans, without exception whatsoever.

M. A. - What role is having the international community?

E. A. - He has had "expressions" to condemn the coup, but from the Honduran people expect more concrete actions in this fight for democracy.

The U.S. role through President Obama has been very ambiguous, but we understand that it is not only manages and who has control of that country and that those who really govern, are the same as opposed to recognizing the rights and freedoms of our people.

M. A. - What is the significance for Latin America, this coup?

E. A. - It is a bad precedent if the coup would be consolidated a serious act for democracies in Latin America and the world. It is the test that many would like to consolidate to implement the new fashion coups twenty-first century, therefore, is a task for all peoples and governments to resolve this strike, demonstrating the validity of democratic principles, human and solidarity, which is why in the world there are only two types of government, those who are with the coup and those who fought for democracy and against dictatorship.

M. A. - What role they are playing the media?

E. A. - The people also fighting hodureño media dictatorship that lies a few thousand times or possible with the desire to continue to milk the state that allows them to accumulate wealth and power regardless of its consequences.

 So our thanks to Radio Globo, a South Cholusat at Radio Progreso, Radio One, Radio Time, and all those independent and alternative media, from within and outside of Honduras, every hour and every moment face to the campaign of lies and attacks.

There is no doubt that this fight depends on the attitude of the Honduran people who bet on the present and the future, building life and defeating death.
Notes: [1] Eraso Rodriguez points out, the National Constituent Asablea is the constituent meeting of several members, in a space through which it seeks to update the Constitution on social, economic and political, all with a legal connection.

[2] The seats are covered with a Member "owner" and, in case of absence, the deputy replaces "alternate".


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